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Markdown -> PDF, HTML, and more


  • Creating beautiful resumés from simple Markdown documents

Work Experience

  • Word Processor (Redmond, WA)

    Junior Resumé Maker, 2006 - 2007

    • Intermingled presentation and content
    • Styling was a pain, so either didn’t do it or found a half-decent template and didn’t mess with it
  • \LaTeX\ + pdflatex

    Senior Resumé Maker, 2008 - 2010

    • Edited verbose \LaTeX\ documents in a text editor
    • Mixed content and presentation to achieve pixel-perfection
    • Installed and configured the unusual TeX setups required by the best-looking \LaTeX\ resumés
  • LinkedIn, StackOverflow Careers,, etc

    Web Resumé Intern, August 2010

    • Entered data, adapting to different data models and formatting limitations
    • Attempted to customize PDF exports and remove default resumé elements, to no avail
  • Markdown with Pandoc

    Resumé Architect, February 2011 - present

    • Write in one format (Markdown), convert to many formats (PDF, HTML, ODT, DOCX, and more)
    • Style HTML output with CSS and PDF output with a custom \LaTeX\ header
    • Use a simple pre-processor to define per-format operations on the Markdown input or its parts, such as moving contact information to the top right of the page in both HTML and PDF output.
    • Use a text-based resumé when needed in a pinch
    • Use version control, including free hosting on Github


  • Github University (World Wide Web)

    B.S. in Submodules, May 2012


  • Very experienced with Python, Markdown, \LaTeX

  • Familiar with GNU Make, bash